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Become and
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Join our online live movement and breathing training, where we train breathing methods combined with natural movement (MovNat) training to become fit, healthy and skilled.


Become and
stay healthy

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What is the
Online Live Training?

Online Live Training

In our Online Training we combine Natural Movement with Breathing Techniques. 

Natural Movement

Here we focus on the body to teach you natural movement to become and remain fit. For any age and every level. This is based on the MovNat training system. To provide you with the right stimuli that your body has evolved for throughout evolution.


We discover together the power of your breath with ancient and modern techniques to improve your health and performance. We combine both activating and relaxing styles of breathing. The combination of breathing methods and natural movement is a great tool to get the most out of the hour of training.

Neofold Academy Online Training Overview

Pricing Table Online Training

Price Description
Class Pass x1 €8 Include access to 1 online training session
Class Pass x5 €33 Include access to 5 online training sessions
Class Pass x10 €59 Include access to 10 online training sessions
Unfold Online Retreat €69 The Unfold Online Retreat. Where we will come together to practice natural movement, breathing and meditation.

Our weekly
Online Live

We offer weekly live trainings. Where we do Natural Movement and Breathing sessions that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

Every Thursday
from 19:00-20:00, CET.

You can join our online live training sessions by buying one of our class passes and use the login on our website to gain access to the zoom link.THE 

FIRST TRAINING IS FOR FREE! USe the promo code mentioned in the 1x class pass product. 

Our Team

Our team consists of trainers with unique backgrounds and expertise. We share our pation of the combination of different practices and the natural and holistic approach to health.

Marbod Kindermann

NeuroMeditation Instructor L2, MovNat Certified Trainer L2, Natural Running Coach

Andres Santamaria

Wim Hof Instructor and MovNat Certified Trainer L3

Bernd Reicheneder

MovNat Master Trainer / Team Instructor, Primal Health Coach, Oxygen Advantage Trainer
10. November 2021

Online Movement Training: Class Pass 1x (First Training Free)

3 Lessons
12 Students
23. November 2021

Free Trial: Online Natural Movement (MovNat)Training

3 Lessons
29 Students
10. November 2021

Class Pass 5x

7 Lessons
9 Students
9. November 2021

Class Pass 10x

12 Lessons
11 Students

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