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Our holistic approach to health, fitness and performance

We believe that health can only be achieved through a holsitic approach, including fundamental aspects of our lives. This is absolutely essential to living a healthy life.

 What are these fundamentals? 

  1.  Breathing (How to breathe in everyday life.)
  2. Nutrition (The basics of a healthy and diverse diet)
  3. Movement (Moving naturally, adapted to how we evolved as humans)
  4. Sleep (Sleep is the essential component for recovery)
  5. Stress Management (To learn to actively control your stress and thinking – we use Meditation as a powerful tool)

All of these fundamentals need to be viewed within the CONTEXT of your lifestyle, such as looking at how long and how we sit every day. How much we are exposed to sunlight and how pollution influences our health. 

Most people today are unhealthy because we expose our body to a modern environment and stimuli that our body is not evolved for. This is known as the Mismatch theory. 

Before we dive deeper into the mismatch theory, we need to mention that we are not of the opinion that progress is generally a bad thing. Our modern technology has many amazing benefits, modern medicine is amazing at solving certain problems, but there are certain limitations that currently negatively influence millions of lives and we attempt to provide a solution that can help you to improve your health and your performance. 

So lets dive into the mismatch theory!

The Mismatch Theory
 The Mismatch theory is described as “the idea that traits that evolved in an organism in one environment can be disadvantageous in a different environment”.

 To quote Daniel Liberman in his excellent book the story of the human body:

 “The idea behind the mismatch hypothesis is extremely simple. Over time, natural selection adapts (matches) organisms to particular environmental conditions. A zebra for example is adapted to walk and run on the African savanna, to eat grass to run from lions, to resist certain diseases, and to cope with a hot, arid climate. If you were to transport a zebra to where I live, New England, it would no longer have to worry about lions, but it would suffer from a variety of other problems as it struggled to find enough grass to eat, to stay warm in the winter, and to resist a new set of diseases. Without help, the transplanted zebra would almost certainly get sick and persih because it is so poorly adapted (mismatched) to the New Englad environment.” 

Now lets apply that to humans. Instead of being transplanted, we have changed the environment around us over the last 10.000 years through agriculture. Especially in the last 200 years. The change of our environment was much faster than we could adapt through evolution. 

This confronts us with diseases, challenges that our body is not adapted for. The ilnesses that emerge through the mismatch of environment to our evolutionary adaptation is what is known as Mismatch diseases. It is about the interaction between our genes and our environment. 

  • “There are many mismatch disease, but all of them are caused by enviornmental changes that alter how the body functions… Broadley speaking, most mismatch diseases occur when a comon stimulus either increases or decreases beyond levels for which the body is adapted, or when the stimulus is entirely novel and the body is not adapted for it at all.” – Daniel Liberman
Mismatch Diseases and the problems they create for us

One of the characteristics of mismatch diseases is according to Lieberman, that the cause and effect are often not immidiately obvious and it can tke years for the effect to take place. This makes it hard to prevent and indentify the crucial factors and often leads to the delay of required counter measures. 

The problems of musmatch diseases affect most population groups of the world, especially in the west, where technological changes have made the biggest progress. 


What are these changes in our environment that our body is not adapted for? 

 Here are just some of the environmental changes that drive us to different behaviour and influence our bodies in ways that we are not adapted for: 

  • Low Levels of physical activity 
  • High caloric food intake (Especially sugars, transfats .. ) 
  • Processed foods 
  • High level of sedentary behaviour on chairs 
  • Exposure to high levels of pollution (light, sound, water, air pollution)
  • High levels of stress 
  • Expsure to many diseases through farming and globalization and high population density 
  • Missing exposure to sunlight, fresh air 
  • Lacking diversity of diet
  • Modern shoes
What mismatch diseases are there?

Here are just some of the suspected mismatch diseases that are either caused or  through our modern lifestyle:

  • Diabetes type 2
  • Chronis fatigue syndrom
  • Athletes foot
  • Flat feet
  • Apnea
  • Asthma
  • Acne
  • Ulcers
  • Lower Back pain
  • Headaches
  • Irratible dowel syndrom
  • High blood preassure
  • Cavities
  • fatty liver syndrom
  • Eating disorders
  • cancers (Only certain ones)
  • Anxiety
  • Alzheimers disease
  • Heart diseases

And that is not all of them. Kind of scary right?

Lieberman mentions that “given that, heart disease and cancer are responsible for more deaths in developed nations than any other disease, you are most likely to die from a mismatch disease. Furthermore the disabilities that are most likely to lower your quality of life as you age are also likely to be caused by evolutionary mismatches.”

This means that all of us are affected by mismatch diseases in one form or the other. So what can we do about it?
What can we do about it? 

We know that this sounds and is really scary. And it is one of the biggest challenges that we need to adress as a society and in our individual lives. But there are measures we can take to mitigate the damsge and to start living a healthy life and to regain control over our bodies. 

  1. First we need to attempt to reduce the negative influences in our lives.
  2. Second we need to actively work to create stimuli that our body is adapted for and in turn helps our body to become healthier. 

This can be as simple as: 

  • Sitting less in chairs
  • Taking movement breaks
  • Going outside
  • Exposing our body to natural elements: The sun, the cold and more 
  • Doing Natural Movements (MovNat – this is where our Training comes in)
  • Returning to nose breathing 
  • Walking barefoot 
  • Reducing stress through meditation
  • Eating a more diverse diet

As you see there are many measures we can take to live a healthier life. But it is not easy in an environment that is very unhealthy and constant temptations that are the more comfotable option. 

We need to redesign our lifestyle in order to become and stay healthy. 

We hope to be part of that journey for you to regain control of your health and to PREVENT the impact of mismatch diseases. 



  • Daniel Lieberman the story of the human body
  • Civilized to death by Christopher Ryan 
  • Born to run by Christopher McDougall 
  • Fit und Gesund mit natural Movement by Bernd Reicheneder 
  • Deskbound by Dr. Kelly Starrett